Coming Soon: A BLM Permit to Allow Clearing On Their Land

Bob Long breaks through the bureaucracy

As of mid-January 2021, we have received word from BLM that they are creating an application form for private homeowners to do clearing on BLM land adjacent to the homeowner's property.

The form is not yet finalized, but its very existence is due to the ongoing pursuit of this issue by Bob Long, chair of the Sherwood Forest Firewise Community, with the BLM office closest to us in El Dorado County. BLM has a large piece of land on the back side of numerous Sherwood Forest homeowners' properties.

It would be nice to think that BLM should do this work themselves, but they are greatly understaffed and underfunded. Contact your local Congressperson to ask for better federal funding of BLM for fire safety.

Stay tuned for updates, and thank you and congratulations to Bob.