Education Resources

Best of the Best education resources for residents:

Be Ember Prepared: Will Your House Survive When the Embers Arrive? From the University of Nevada, Reno, a 26-minute video with excellent information and powerful visuals driving home the message that no matter what you might do about defensible space and landscape maintenance, it's the little things in and around your house that could determine if your house burns down (or not). This is the BEST EDUCATION TOOL we've seen so far because of the great visuals and the focus on the dangers of the ember storm that is responsible for most burned homes.

The best information about home hardening (what you need to do in and around your buildings) is from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). These are comprehensive, detailed and based on scientific research. The first one below was a handout from Dr. Kate Wilkin at the December 2019 Coalition meeting. Yes, it's a lot of information but it's all in one place, and it's proven by research performed by people who aren't trying to sell you anything. Download both:

The IBHS has also prepared individual Research Fact Sheets, making it easier to find exactly the home-hardening information you're looking for on these topics: Immediate (noncombustible) Zone; Attic & Crawl Space Vents; Coatings; Decks; Exterior Sprinkler Systems; Fencing; Fire Spread on Ember-Ignited Decks; Roofing Materials; Skylights; and Under-Eave Construction. Here is the Research Fact Sheet Series page on the NFPA Firewise USA website on the NFPA Firewise USA website with links to each PDF.

Early Warning Alerts-Weather & How to Stay Informed 21Feb2021.pdf This one-pager tells you how to check daily wind forecasts, sign up in advance for emergency alerts, and, during an ACTUAL EMERGENCY, how to stay updated and informed (radio, websites, text alerts and other methods for real-time information)

Roadside Clearing Regulations: make your roads safe for firefighters to get IN and for you to get OUTThis unofficial one-page PDF created by the Coalition of Firewise Communities tells you the requirements, in the unincorporated County, City of Grass Valley and Nevada City, for clearing back from the sides of private roads. Diagrams help make it clear. There are three times as many private roads in the County as there are public roads, and the property owners are responsible for meeting these requirements.

Generators: how to decide what kind to buy, pros and cons of the different types, maintenance tips and how to stay safe when using a generator. From the October 2020 Coalition meeting.

What do you do when your 100 feet of defensible space goes onto a neighbor's property? Or onto government land? What if your neighbor refuses to clear her property? The five-page document linked here, "What If Your 100 Feet of Defensible Space Goes Beyond Your Property Line?," tells you how to proceed under different scenarios. Read additional detail on our Rules & Enforcement page.

Prescribed Burn Information

Hub for CA prescribed burns -

To get on the email list for upcoming UCCE events go to:

Click “Contact”, then “Join Email List” to sign up for notices of training and events


To watch the 2 recorded UCCE sponsored prescribed burning webinars from 2020, go to:

Prescribed fire webinar series in Mariposa county -

Prescribed Fire for Foresters -

That webinar connects to these printed resources:

  • Prescribed Fire Liability in California (link)
  • Building a burn trailer to support your community's prescribed fire efforts (link)
  • Burning by the Day: Why cost/acre is not a good metric for prescribed fire (link)
  • Options for prescribed fire on private lands in California (link)
  • Is funding always worth the cost? (link)

To get on the contact list for our local Yuba Bear Burn Cooperative contact Jamie Ervin at:

Presenters' Powerpoints/PDFs from meetings of the Coalition of Firewise Communities:

See this page for presentations given at the All-Nevada County Education Event held online Aug. 4, 2020. See below for other presentations.

Official Sites of public and private wildfire safety organizations, with helpful information

Ready-Set-Go Resources

  • Code RED Flyer - Everything you need to know about CodeRED. To sign up for CodeRED, go to this page.
  • Red Flag Warning informational handout - Everything you need to know about a Red Flag Warning & a Personal Wildland Fire Action Plan Handout. See above (Early Warning Alerts-Weather & How to Stay Informed) for how to sign up for County OES alerts which can give you advance notice of Red Flag Warnings.
  • Wildland Fire Action Guide - Comprehensive Guide to preparing for the Wildland Fire
  • An excellent 44-page Home Inventory Guide flipbook from the office of the state Insurance Commissioner. Download it and fill it out, so you're ready if you need to make a claim.