Coalition of Firewise Communities 

Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 3, 5:30pm

To Firewise Leaders and Interested Residents:

Mark your calendar for the Tuesday, May 3, 5:30 pm meeting of the Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities.

Click here to register now: 

We are happy to announce a return to IN-PERSON meetings for leaders (or designated representatives) of Firewise Communities (including certified, in-training and starting-up communities). Agency partners (Cal Fire, OES, Fire Safe Council, etc.) will also attend in-person.

NEW LOCATION: Nevada County Media, see address below.

  • If you are a Nevada County resident interested in our programs, you are invited you to "attend" via Zoom and still be included in the Q&A. In-person attendance is reserved for Firewise Community representatives.

  • Firewise Community leaders who cannot attend in person, such as those in Truckee, are also welcome to use Zoom.

This first "hybrid" meeting (in-person plus Zoom) will be new for us (though not for Nevada County Media). Please bring your sense of humor, patience and understanding.

  • Registration is still required for ALL who wish to attend (including in-person, so we have enough chairs). There is a new box on the registration page asking if Firewise Community reps intend to be there in-person.

  • Please note: our auto-response registration system will send everyone the Zoom link (FWC leaders can ignore this if coming in person).

Mask Policy: our after-hours event will be exempt from NCM's mask policy. Masks will be optional for vaccinated folks in this very high-ceiling room. If you are not vaccinated or want extra protection, please wear a mask or attend via Zoom. If you have any symptoms of illness, use Zoom.


Education Spotlight:  Beyond the Go Bag: Evacuation Planning & Routes

  • Paul Cummings/OES -  Finalize your evac plan: the "Set" phase of "Ready, Set, Go"
  • Lt. Sean Scales/OES - Evac Route Planning: Gates, New AI Software, Vegetation Clearing
  • Sgt. Dennis Haack/NC Sheriff's Office - Home Safety during Evacuation

Also: Caleb Dardick/County CEO's office - solicitation of priorities for Firewise Communities


Nevada County Media, behind Analog Devices at 355 Crown Point Circle (This is uphill and across the street from our previous location at Whispering Pines. You will not see the name Nevada County Media on the 355 sign, just Analog Devices). NC Media is in the back far corner.

Registration is required. Click here to register now: 

Who's Who of Frequent Coalition Speakers and Presenters

  • Terry McMahan, Nevada County Consolidated Fire
  • Patrick Mason, Deputy Fire Marshal, NC Consolidated Fire
  • Jim Mathias, Division Chief North Operations, Cal Fire
  • Matt Wallen, Battalion Chief, Cal Fire
  • Jamie Jones, Executive Director, Fire Safe Council of Nevada County
  • Donn Thane, Chairman of Board, Fire Safe Council of Nevada County
  • Caleb Dardick, Projects Administrator, NC Executive Office
  • Paul Cummings, Program Manager, NC OES
  • Jenn Tamo, Sr. Admin Analyst, NC OES
  • Lt. Bob Jakobs, Emergency Operations Coordinator, NCSO, OES
  • Sgt. Ray Kress, Law Enforcement Mutual Aid & SAR Coordinator, NCSO
  • Kristen Cook, Steering Committee, NCCFWC
  • Jeff Peach, Steering Committee, IT guru, NCCFWC
  • Bob Long, Steering Committee, Evacuation Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Christopher Reilly, Evacuation Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Susan Rogers, Steering Committee, Real Estate Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Scott Beesley, Chair, NCCFWC
  • Virginia Gompertz – Steering Committee, Coalition Secretary & Insurance Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Pat Leach, Fire Safe Councill Firewise Coordinator

Acronym Key - What does THAT mean?

  • BLM - Bureau of Land Management
  • CO 2477 (Formerly CO 2463) - County Hazardous Vegetation Ordinance (right to extend 100 feet beyond property line & rural road rules 10-10-15)
  • Cal Fire - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • DSAV - Defensible Space Advisory Visit (free, from a trained Fire Safe Council volunteer)
  • DSI - Defensible Space Inspector - County employee empowered to enforce codes
  • EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program
  • FWC - Firewise Community
  • FSC - Fire Safe Council
  • IC - Incident Commander
  • ICP - Incident Command Post
  • LTO - Licensed Timber Operator
  • NCCFWC - Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities
  • NCSO - Nevada County Sheriff's Office
  • OES - Office of Emergency Services, County of Nevada
  • PRC 4291 - Public Resource Code concerning 100ft of Defensible Space around homes
  • RPF - Registered Professional Forester
  • SAR - Search and Rescue
  • THP - Timber Harvest Plan