Meeting Agenda

Coalition of Firewise Communities Agenda

April 6, 2021


  • Reminders                         
    • Sign up for Code Red
    • Bookmark the Dashboard
    • Scout Your Route!
    • Find your five emergency allies

Partner Reports

  • Jim Mathias or Mat Wallen, CalFire
  • Terry McMahan or Patrick Mason, Nevada County Consolidated Fire
  • Paul Cummings, Program Manager, NC OES
  • Jamie Jones or Don Thane, Firesafe Council of Nevada County
  • Caleb Dardick, Projects Administrator, NC Executive Office


Education Topic:  “Home Hardening and Defensible Space” Moderated by Susan Rogers, Steering Committee Member, NCCFWC

  • Hardening Your Home w/Kristen Cook, NCCFWC Steering Committee 
  • “Your 100 feet….” Document review w/ Susan Rogers
  • Clearing Rules & Enforcement w/ Trisha Tillotson, Director of Public Works
  • Controlled Burns w/Jamie Ervin, Fire Restoration Advocate, Sierra Forest Legacy (?)

Community Forum                                     

Next meeting 5:30p May 4 focused on Early Warning Systems

Who's Who

  • Terry McMahan, Nevada County Consolidated Fire
  • Patrick Mason, Deputy Fire Marshall, NCCF
  • Jim Mathias, Division Chief North Operations, CalFire
  • Matt Wallen, Battalion Chief, CalFire
  • Jamie Jones, E.D., Firesafe Council of Nevada County
  • Donn Thane, Pres of Board, Firesafe Council of Nevada County
  • Caleb Dardick, Projects Administrator, NC Executive Office
  •  Paul Cummings, Program Mgr, NC OES
  • Jenn Tamo, Sr. Admin Analyst, NC OES
  • Lt. Bob Jakobs, Emergency Operations Coordinator, NCSO
  • Sgt. Ray Kress, Law Enforcement Mutual Aid & SAR Coordinator, NCSO
  • Kristen Cook, Steering Committee, NCCFWC
  • Jeff Peach, IT guru, NCCFWC
  • Bob Garza, Recertification Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Bob Long & Chris Riley, Evacuation Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Susan Rogers, Real Estate Working Group, NCCFWC
  • Scott Beesley, Chair, NCCFWC
  • Virginia Gompertz – Secretary & Insurance Working Group

Acronym Key

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

CO 2463 - County Ordinance - Hazardous Vegetation - right to extend 100 feet beyond property line and rual road rules 10-10-15

CalFire - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

DSAV - Defensible Space Advisory Visit

EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program

FWC - Firewise Community

FSC - Fire Safe Council

LTO - Licensed Timber Operator

OES - Office of Emergency Services

PRC 4291 - Public Resource Code concerning 100ft of Defensible Space around homes

SAR - Search and Rescue

THP - Timber Harvest Plan