Coalition of Firewise Communities 


Nevada County Coalition of FireWise Communities

 Tuesday FEB. 27, 5:30 p.m. 

Esterly Hall, 330 Crown Point Circle, Grass Valley
Easy access, easy parking

FWC leaders are urged to attend in person if at all possible.
If you need to attend virtually, register here to receive a Zoom link:

Agency Reports:

  • Consolidated – Fire Marshal
  • OES
  • FireSafe Council
  • Firewise Festival – Mo Graber
  • Introduction of East Side Coalition and Welcome

FireSafe Council – FireWise Communities – year in review

  • Reported success of work accomplished by FWC
  • Issues with renewals
  • Issues with triennial reassessments

CAL FIRE – new metrics for annual renewals [cubic yards] and basis for the data

The Coalition going forward – see power point slide

  • Discussion

Tools for Firewise Community Leaders to help with NFPA renewals

  • Triennial assessment data collection – Google Forms – Jeff
  • Annual renewal data collection – Google Forms - KC

New web-based app (under development) for Firewise Communities - Mark Hajewski

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Here is our archive of video recordings of our monthly meetings, listing the topics presented with hotlinks to jump to each program speaker.

Acronym Key - What does THAT mean?

  • AB38: state law requiring homes for sale to be inspected for defensible space disclosure
  • BLM - Bureau of Land Management
  • CO 2477 (formerly CO 2463) - County Hazardous Vegetation Ordinance (right to extend 100 feet beyond property line & rural road rules 10-10-15)
  • Cal Fire - California State Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • DSAV - Defensible Space Advisory Visit (free, from a trained Fire Safe Council volunteer)
  • DSI - Defensible Space Inspector - County employee empowered to enforce codes
  • EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program
  • FWC - Firewise Community
  • FSC - Fire Safe Council
  • IC - Incident Commander
  • ICP - Incident Command Post
  • LTO - Licensed Timber Operator
  • NCCFWC - Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities
  • NCSO - Nevada County Sheriff's Office
  • OES - Office of Emergency Services, County of Nevada
  • PRC 4291 - Public Resource Code concerning 100ft of Defensible Space around homes
  • RPF - Registered Professional Forester
  • SAR - Search and Rescue (volunteers supporting the NC Sheriff's Office)
  • THP - Timber Harvest Plan